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Do you want register a .hu domain?

Short .hu domain registration rules:

  • Owner must be an European Union's citizen or company or trademarks owner
  • Every nameservers must pass at .hu Registry's RegCheck to serve a .hu domain.
  • At least 2 nameservers needed.
  • 2 nameservers must be on separate network.
  • postmaster@"thedomainwhatyouregister" must be exist on your primary MX server.
  • The .hu registration process takes 2 working days. The Hungarian Registry decides about the domain.
  • Second level .hu domains, like .co.hu or .shop.hu or .sex.hu can be registered by anyone.
  • Full .hu domain registration rules.

The process:

  • After a successfully payment, we will send to you an email about registration's start and the CpanelDNS or CPanelHosting username and password.
  • CpanelDNS is free for every domain that registered in hostit.hu.
  • We set the domain in Hungarian Registry's database as you specified in .hu domain registration agreement (.hu domain registration form).
  • After registration finished, you can modify the .hu domain's nameservers on-line at hostit.hu in My Account / Domains (left side menu)/ Manage Domains / M button in the domains line.
    The buttons explanation is at the bottom of the page

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